May 17, 2023

"Top Tech was very quick, effective & cost conscious towards me I highly recommend!"
May 15, 2023

"We were heading home to London, Ontario on Good Friday, when we broke down on I75. AAA towed us to Top Tech and we needed an alternator. It looked like we would be spending the weekend but they got the part in and the technician went right to work on it. Thanks to them we were home for Easter. I can’t say enough how grateful we were to Top Tech for bending over backwards to help two stranded travellers"
May 12, 2023

"Our van broke down on I75 on or way home to London, Ontario. It was Good Friday and we planned on being home for Easter. AAA towed us to Top Tech and they bent over backwards to get us going that day. Thanks to them we made it home on time"
March 17, 2023

"Our car was taken via AAA to this gem. So glad we found out about them. While they couldn't fix our transmission, RJ gave us a great recommendation and the group he recommended was so kind and friendly and were able to get us back in shape when others would have said we would've needed a whole new transmission. Saved us thousands of dollars and perhaps from buying a new car. So grateful. RJ was so friendly and helpful in answering my dozens of questions and never once made me feel ignorant about car repair. I've been telling everyone I meet about them!!! We will be going to Top Tech for all our automotive needs going forward. We cannot thank them enough for all their advice and help. We won't be going anywhere else!!"
February 15, 2023

Trustworthy and honest

"I brought my older model car in for urgent diagnosis and repair. They worked me in as quickly as possible, and were up-front and honest about the issue and price before they did anything. My car was fixed quickly and at a fair price. I have been there again with a separate issue, and they let me know if it was urgent to fix or if it was OK to drive as is. They could have said it was urgent if they were just about the money but they didn't do that. I trust these guys and will come to them for all my automotive needs. With certified mechanics and a warranty on repairs, you can't go wrong with this place. "