August 10, 2023

"On our summer trip pulling our camper from Chattanooga to Pigeon Forge, my truck started having engine issues. I was able to find this company and RJ was able to get the problem diagnosed and fix in the same day. His pricing was good. And he took the time to explain if I had any additional issues, I could call a number and they will help me out. What a lifesaver. Great shop!"
May 17, 2023

"Top Tech was very quick, effective & cost conscious towards me I highly recommend!"
May 15, 2023

"We were heading home to London, Ontario on Good Friday, when we broke down on I75. AAA towed us to Top Tech and we needed an alternator. It looked like we would be spending the weekend but they got the part in and the technician went right to work on it. Thanks to them we were home for Easter. I can’t say enough how grateful we were to Top Tech for bending over backwards to help two stranded travellers"
May 12, 2023

"Our van broke down on I75 on or way home to London, Ontario. It was Good Friday and we planned on being home for Easter. AAA towed us to Top Tech and they bent over backwards to get us going that day. Thanks to them we made it home on time"
April 4, 2023

"Kia couldn’t or_Wouldn’t find and fix front end issues. These guys found and fixed it in one day. Great business"